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There is nothing quite like expanding services and employing new staff to join a team. It is times like these that I am able to test the systems that I have created over 9 years to see if they are able to sustain an expanding school counselling service.

The systems have been created in such a way that I can be managing 1 school or 20 schools and the systems remain robust without having to be adapted in any way.

My management style encourages staff to make suggestions of how they feel the systems can be tweaked, to make them more user friendly and less labour intensive.

The nature of the counselling profession leads to the creation of rooms with file cabinets full of confidential counselling paperwork that have to be kept for years. It is therefore essential to review policies and procedures regularly and to welcome suggestions of ways in which archaic administrative paperwork that no longer suit the organisation, can be eliminated.

Having worked in the School Counselling field for the past 9 years, and having seen counselling services come and go, I am reminded again that innovation, change, flexibility and above all the loyalty and passion of good counsellors are what drives a successful counselling business.

Long may we prosper.