I started as a Practice Manager for a School Counselling Service in 2005 and have been delivering counselling services and training in my local area since 2007.

I developed a school counselling service on behalf of a local charity and now manage ATCST with a team of dedicated professionals. The team of qualified counsellors are all trained to deal with the issues children, young people and adults face on a daily basis.

ATCST is committed to supporting children and young people in schools, including those who work with children and young people. We offer a range of services and training to support adults, children and young people.

In June 2013 the service was externally evaluated and the evaluation report concluded “Anne Turnbull Counselling Services offers a sound professional and responsive service to schools. The organisation is aware of the diverse needs of its clients and responds appropriately. The service is at it’s most successful where the school is actively involved in the integration of pastoral services and external counselling. Those schools which have recognised the need for raising awareness of the counselling process with their staff have gained maximum benefit.”

As this site grows you will be able to find relevant and interesting information regarding the services we offer.

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