How we work

Integrative counselling sessions with specific CBT sessions if required. Face to face in schools and offsite at the Beacon Centre in Chafford Hundred.
Schools can purchase an annual contract – 35 weeks of a 1⁄2 day of counselling (3 sessions) or a full day (6 sessions). Each session is 40 minutes in school.
Ad hoc sessions: usually 10 sessions per pupil or can deliver 6 sessions if required. We can invoice per piece of work for budget management.

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We provide School Counselling services and Mental Health Training

We provide counselling from qualified counsellors who have been trained in working with children, young people and adults and have many years of experience working in this field.

Our team works with pupils, staff and parents in primary and secondary schools, 6th Form Colleges and deal with issues like bereavement, anger management, depression, anxiety, loss, self-harm.

A large proportion of pupils referred to our service are Looked After Children in foster care who can also access Life Story Work on request from Social Care, if appropriate.

We provide bespoke training for school staff to cover child and adolescent mental health issues and other therapeutic topics.

We also offer supervision to school staff and counsellors who are employed in-house.

We provide CPD sessions for school staff who want to develop their skills to deal with and manage the children and young people they work with.</